Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join this network?

You only need to go to the front page and register.

How do I activate my account?

You need to login to the email you registered with and select the activation link.  This will give you access to your profile.

Is my information safe?

HappyMuslims.com works very hard to safeguard your private information.  However, we do ask everyone on this community to be careful with any information you make public.

Is this part of a government program?

No.  HappyMuslims.com is an independent organization that works to build the trust of our community members. 

How does HappyMuslims.com generate revenue?

HappyMuslims.com receives contributions from its users.  We will never sell any information to public or private organizations. All access money will be directed to our food, shelter, medicine and education assistance programs.

Will my information be sold?

No.   This community is intended to bring Muslims together and not intended to generate profits. 

Who will see my conversations?

We give you the option of selecting who will see your conversation on your privacy settings.

Will people know I am on HappyMuslims.com?

It’s up to you on how you set your privacy settings. 

How do I report harassment and racism?

Please immediately report the account to feedback@HappyMuslims.com

How do I report a crime?

You may call the police to report crimes including threats.  We will respect the laws of any country we operate in.

Can I close my profile after I create one?

Yes.  You may at anytime close your account but we will really miss you.

Is HappyMuslims.com safe for my family?

We do our best to identify malicious activities, however you must monitor your account and your families accounts for possible abuse.  Please report all abuses to us at feedback@HappyMuslims.com

Is this site continually being upgraded?

Yes.  This site is currently going through major improvements.  The development of this site will take time to perfect.

Will HappyMuslims.com staff read my messages?

No. We respect the privacy of everyone who is on this online community with the exception of a complaint of criminal activity.  No one has the right to invade your privacy for any reason. 

Where is HappyMuslims.com located?

HappyMuslims.com is location in Ottawa, Canada and subject to Canadian laws.

Who started HappyMuslims.com?

A group of dedicated Muslims who are proud of being Muslim and who loves every Muslim in every country started this website.

Can I be of a different religion and be on this site?  

Yes.  We cannot stop you from registering and we are an open community with nothing to hide.  However, please respect the lifestyle choices that Muslims have made and we will respect and love you back. 

I am a Muslims and I need help.  Can you help me?

Please tell us your issues and we will do our best to find people to support you in your tough times.  All contributions will be sent to you through PayPal once we have gathered the ability to assist you and verified your situation. 

Can this site help me find a Husband or Wife?

We will leave that up to you to build relationships.  However, family statuses will be designated and singles will be allowed to communicate in private. (Muslim matrimonial)

Can my friends or the general public see my family conversations?

No.  Your family wall is intended to be just for your family to view.  Your friends will only see your conversations on the friend’s page.  However that will not stop someone in your family from publishing parts of your conversation. 

Does HappyMuslims.com discriminate?

No.  We love every Muslim in every country no matter what your race or language is.

Does HappyMuslims.com promote hate?

HappyMuslims.com will never promote hate or violence.  If such activities are detected, we will take action to prevent the continuation of hate or violence.

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