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HappyMuslims.com displays content that includes Events Listing and Directory of programs, projects, organizations, and businesses as a public service.  HappyMuslims.com has no direct relations with any of the content produced on this Directory, Classifieds or Events pages.   HappyMuslims.com is not responsible for any of the service or product promises made on these listings.  We also share these listings in our social media and on our mailing list for informational purposes only.

Events, Classifieds and Directory Listings are often submitted directly by private individuals and/or organizations.  The views and opinions presented by organisations and individuals at events or on their websites do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of HappyMuslims.com and a listing of an event or organization on our websites does not necessarily imply an endorsement by HappyMuslims.com of that event or organization.  Visitors on this website are responsible for their own actions with the information presented on this website.

We recognize that our Events Listing and Directory represent a broad range of practices and religious interpretations within local Muslim communities and we leave it up to the discretion of our readers to choose events and organizations that best suit their own religious interpretations.

Errors on Listings:

While every effort is made to maintain accuracy, HappyMuslims.com does not guarantee that the information contained in the Events Listings or Directory is always accurate or current.  If you see any errors there are a few things you can do:
1. If you are the organizer of an event or the business owner or manager of the organization listed in the Directory you can create an account, claim your event or directory listing and make any changes right here online (subject to admin approval).

2. You can also let us know about any errors by clicking the report link available on any directory listing.

3. You can also email us at feedback@happymuslims.com and let us know about any changes that should be made to an event or directory listing.

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