About  HappyMuslims.com

HappyMuslims.com recognizes that Muslims have a unique lifestyle and that we need a unique online community.  This is why HappyMuslims.com is a website that is designed by Muslims for Muslims.   We are focused on connecting Muslims from around the world so that we can help improve our community involvement, gain knowledge, share opinions, help others, buy halal products, make new friends, communicate with family, share information, and prosper together.  

HappyMuslims.com is an inclusive online community that does not take any political or religious positions on any issues.  HappyMuslims.com is a method of peaceful communications that complies with our customs, traditions and religious requirements.   Our mission is to provide a virtual environment that is accepting of all Muslims from all countries. HappyMuslims.com builds features and function to help Muslims manage their Islamic lifestyle.

We work hard to ensure that this website is only used for peaceful and legal purposes.  You are welcome to join our online community to better your life and the lives of others.  We will work with everyone to ensure the enjoyment of this online community. 
We hope you will join us by creating your profile and/or group today.  

Thank you for visiting us today.

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